Instructors & Staff

The staff for the Middle Tennessee Song Leader Workshop consists of 6 individuals (with contributions from many more) who are passionate about the continued training and education of Song Worship Leaders. If you have any questions or need to contact one of these men for any reason, please feel free to use the information below.

Organization & Operations

Jim Cunningham

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Karry Lewis

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Tim Stevens

Timothy Paul Stevens was born to Roy Joseph (R.J.) and Pauline Stevens on December 17, 1951 in Houston, Texas. He married Vicki Lee Mullins in 1976. The Stevens have three daughters: Rebecca Lee Helvey, Kayleen Dawn Dennis, and Penny Joanne Simpson. Tim and Vicki have four grandsons (Ryder Lee Dennis, William Canon Helvey, Jack David Simpson and Toby Paul Dennis) and three granddaughters (Clara Lee Helvey, Tessa Dawn Dennis and Kate Rose Helvey).

In addition to the music training he received from his father, Tim studied music at Florida College (Temple Terrace, FL) and San Bernardino Valley College (San Bernardino, CA). After completing his work at Florida College in 1972, Tim completed a three-year apprenticeship with the ATSF Railway Co. in San Bernardino, California, and continued working for the railroad until 1989.

Tim served as the local evangelist for the Rio Grande Valley church of Christ in Belen, New Mexico from 1990 to 1997. He has been preaching in Kemp, Texas for the Kemp church of Christ since 1997 and continues in that capacity.

In addition to local preaching and conducting gospel meetings, Tim conducts singing schools (Song Worship Training Series) in congregations around the country. Since 1989, he’s been serving as co-director at the annual Singing School (held in July) on the campus of Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, OK.  In 2012, he started the “Song Worship Training Series” (held each May) on the campus of Florida College in Temple Terrace, FL. He has also co-authored and published several books, along with his father: “Rudiments of Sight Singing and Song Directing”; “Hymns for Worship Supplement”; “Where Roses Never Fade”; “Scripture and Song for Worship & Devotions”; “Worshipful Hymns and Stories”. In 2005, Tim and his dad founded R. J. Stevens Music, LLC in order to publish their own hymnals, gospel recordings and song worship training materials for men, women and children. The same year, he and his dad produced a song worship leader’s instructional DVD entitled, “Let Us Sing, Volume 1: Song leaders Instructional DVD Set.”  Tim was also a member of the Favorite Hymns Quartet for 30 years – which produced a total of 15 a cappella recordings.

Contact Tim Stevens:
5731 Cedar Creek Dr.
Kemp, TX 75143

Allen Malone

Allen grew up in Mississippi. He attended the University of Mississippi and studied Bible at Harding University. In 1980 he began preaching the gospel and in 1992, he became involved in evangelism in Asia. This included China, Indonesia, and especially Viet Nam where he and his family lived for a few years. He now works with a congregation in Millersville, Tennessee, holds gospel meetings and singing schools, and continues to make trips to teach and encourage the Asian brethren.

Allen came to the Oklahoma Singing School in 1991 (held at Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, OK) and became involved in a song leading class for boys under sixteen. As a result of this effort, many have been well prepared to begin leading and have advanced as students in the annual Oklahoma Singing School. Currently, he teaches first and second year song leading classes, but also continues teaching the song leading class for boys under sixteen.

Contact Allen Malone:

Hugh Bozeman

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Matt Dow

Matt Dow lives in Murfreesboro, TN with his wife (Sarah), and his 2 daughters (Everlee & Larkyn). For the past 11 years he has worshipped with the saints at Northfield Blvd. Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, TN.

For Matt, musical training was part of the foundation of his overall education. After several years of learning music theory and piano in grade school, he joined the home school band in Lubbock, TX, playing percussion and occasional piano accompaniments. When he was 16, he attended his first Singing School in Wilburton, OK where he sat at the feet of RJ Stevens in his beginner level sessions. He attended the Singing School two more times, going through the more advanced levels both times with John Kilgore and Dane Shepard, as well as several other instructors.

Matt has spent the last 20 years regularly leading song worship at the congregations he has been a member of, including:

  • Huntington Church of Christ, in Huntington, TX
  • Flower Mound Church of Christ, in Flower Mound, TX
  • Holly Street Church of Christ, in Denver, CO
  • Church of Christ of Ontario, in Ontario, CA
  • Northfield Blvd Church of Christ, in Murfreesboro, TN

Thanks to the initial encouragement he received in his High School bible class by his teacher/elder, and the foundation he received at Singing School, Matt continues to grow his ability to help his brethren focus and direct their hearts, minds, and voices on God through their worship in song, as well as his passion for instructing and training new song worship leaders.

Contact Matt Dow:

Tracy Harris

Tracy Harris lives in Murfreesboro with his wife, Sharon and four daughters, Lauren, Allison, Catherine and Caroline.  Tracy serves as an elder at the Veterans Parkway church of Christ on the south side of Murfreesboro where he frequently leads singing, as well as being a guest leader at other local congregations. 
Tracy grew up in Lewisburg and has always loved music and singing. His grandfather was a strong bass singer who encouraged Tracy to lead singing whenever possible. The family would gather together and sing throughout the year. Tracy was also encouraged by the local leader at Hickory Heights church, Marvin Andrews, and was given every opportunity to lead. Tracy continued his interest in singing and attended several of the RJ Stevens Singing Schools in Wilburton, OK. Tracy moved on to the upper level classes and continues to learn. Tracy teaches singing classes throughout Middle Tennessee.

So many people have influenced and encouraged Tracy in his song service, and he wants to do the same by helping others learn the importance of being a worship leader. He looks forward to the classes in July and prays for them to be successful.

Contact Tracy Harris: